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Our Team At Its Finest?

You’ve seen our personalities be all fabulous and glamorous edit my essay in Bintan. You could say that they were almost perfect. But what you didn’t see was all the work that went on behind the scenes to make them look good.

So, in this epic blooper reel, get a glimpse into all the funny and unscripted moments that truly showcase why we love these people so much.

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Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Audrey Lim – https://instagram.com/tippytoess
Beatrice Lee – https://instagram.com/beatriceleesn
Cheryl Tay – https://instagram.com/syerowoo
Christabel Chua – https://instagram.com/bellywellyjelly
Jonathan Paul – https://instagram.com/jonathanpaulsxw8
Julian Reyes – https://instagram.com/joel_s
Marcella Kikyanto – https://instagram.com/querramellca
Yun Qian Lim – https://instagram.com/lyqian

Videography By:
Julian Reyes

Edited By:
Ashley Chen – https://instagram.com/ashleymjchen
Victoria Hoo – https://instagram.com/vickiehoo

Business Enquiries: admin@thesmartlocal.com

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